Past Presidents

Message from…..
 The Past President of The Sri Lankan Expatriates’ Society, Jeddah &
Present Chairman, Founder Chairman and Advisor to The Board of Management – (BOM) Sri Lankan International School Jeddah.

It is with impressive sense of contentment that I notate these words to felicitate the issue of yet another souvenir magazine to commemorate the 64th Sri Lankan Independence, published by the Sri Lankan Expatriates’ Society in Jeddah.
Firstly, I am duty bound to express my gratitude to a former Consul General HE Mr. M.U.M. Ali Sabry for laying the foundation stone for this pertinent Society fourteen years back in 1997.  This is the sole inevitable web that knits together to unite the four nationalities of Sri Lanka living here. The function of the Society from then to now is neutral devoid any caste, creed or race.
During these 14 years the Society has organized countless projects and events and has served the community its optimum. One of the major and meritorious projects was establishing “The Sri Lankan International School in Jeddah” (SLISJ).
Hence, the Society deserves to be congratulated, for it has proved itself a viable organization characterized by boundless enthusiasm and tenacity of purpose in the achievements of its devised objectives.
 It has thus made an important and feasible contribution to the lives of the Sri Lankan community in the Kingdom by promoting the interest of its members under the umbrella - SLESJ
As one of the founders of this organization, I have great pleasure in congratulating its intelligent leadership and office bearers for many lively years in office under the able guidance of the present Consul General HE Dr. Adam Bawa Uthmanlebbei and pray for greater success in the long run.
 Beyond doubt, I am indeed proud of the present Executive members for the job done well and wish that we go from strength to strength in the years to come under the support of His Excellency, the present Consul General.
Let me humbly assume this souvenir as the bridge to lay our tribute to the patriots and national heroes of mother Lanka who are honoured on this symbolic day.
May Almighty God bless to strengthen the unity of all Sri Lankans seeking employment in the Kingdom.


Shahul Hameed Salih
Present Chairman,
Founder Chairman & Advisor to the BOM- SLISJ




At the dawn of history Sri Lanka started in her mending quest, and trackless centuries are filled with her striving and grandeur of her success and her failures. Through good and ill fortunes alike she has never lost sight of that quest or forgotten the same ideals that gave her strength.
Independence is a precious gift of god. Now that the three decades old destabilization conditions have ended, the “Trilingual Initiative” launched by His Excellency the President Mahinda Rajapakse and the former president of India Professor Abdul Kalam to learn Sinhala, Tamil and English as link languages would discourage the desire of ethnic exclusivity and isolation. This would further create social cohesion and emotional harmony as well as acquiring trilingual competencies among all communities.
We the Sri Lankan Expatriates should contribute in whatever way towards the interests of Sri Lanka abroad. To a certain extent this could be achieved by joining and assisting the Sri Lankan Expatriates’ Society of Jeddah who are genuinely and sincerely committed to strengthen the unity of Sri Lankans living in Jeddah. Let me wish the incumbent leadership for publishing this souvenir to mark the 64th Independence of Sri Lanka. Congratulations!

Shahabdeen M. Farweez / Past President SLESJ



64th Independence Day

As we commemorate the 64th anniversary of our National Independence Day , I congratulate the President and the citizens of Sri Lanka
 and wish  peace and prosperity,  during this year and years to come.

At this point of time let us pave way to our future path of progress, drawing inspiration from our glorious past

Let us also convey tributes to our great, dedicated forefathers who fought for Independence and Freedom of our motherland Sri Lanka. 

Making it a more meaningful Independence let us all ensure an economic and social stability in Sri Lanka along with eternal peace.

Rohan Burah

Past President



Since 1948, we have been enjoying independence for more than half a century. As Sri Lankans who have come far from our mother land, this day is very important to us because we need to maintain our national identity.
We would, as Sri Lankans, wish to celebrate this Independence Day with our unique traditions; traditions which have been passed down from generation to generation.
I remember when I was president of the expatriate’s society; my society members and I arranged numerous activities, which we carried on from the previous society.
I must thank the present president and the society members for carrying on from where we left. “One Nation – One Country” this is what we have been building up for and with this souvenir; we have taken another step towards that goal.


L. Shantha S Silva
Past President



Small but Significant Sri Lanka
Srilanka is a small country, which has had an immense impact on the world at large by exportation of its precious commodity, the human resource. There is no country in the world that has no Srilankans. The Srilankans have made it to all countries in the world and established a good impression, wherever they live, with their gentle and jovial nature. The extreme friendliness and hospitality they brought with them from home in Mother Lanka has made many, many friends.
We Srilankans therefore must remember to emphasize that we are one community of brothers & sisters from a single nation, Mother Lanka. Even Allah has clearly mentioned in His covenants sent to the humanity in its own unique words compiled today as the Qur'an "Oh people, you are but one Nation". This important principal must be followed by all citizens of dear Mother Lanka and enhance their capability through their diverse cultures and backgrounds of different ethnic groups. Such a rich experience is possible especially in an alien community where Srilankans live as expatriates. 
It is therefore our duty to bring pride & eminence to this Mother who has nurtured us with unlimited resources of education, literacy, culture & heritage. This has helped us to enhance our performance & capabilities making us to shine as exemplary human beings amongst citizens of other nations. This bond between us must be always remembered and used keep us together to help each other during happy moments and difficult times. I am glad that the SLESJ has risen to embed & grow these principles in all of us!
There have been attempts in the recent past to think divisively in the lines of religion and race. Fortunately these attempts motivated by personal & political ambitions have been defeated enabling us to continue our life journeys in peace & happiness.Let us continue to uplift the principles & goals to make Mother Lanka a paradise on earth. The enchanting beauty of Mother Lanka’s lush environments and the friendly nature of her sons & daughters will leave an indelible impression on the rest of the world.

Maarof Bin Haj Mohideen Al Mahroof
February 2012



Every year we celebrate our independence day with great fervor as well as joy and justifiably so, as it commemorates that day, our country gained freedom, after many years of subjugation. The day will be ingrained in our minds as an ineffaceable memory about an extra ordinary accomplishment, when Sri Lanka won her freedom, with unparallel fortitude.  All Sri Lankans with patriotic aspirations, are compelled, to reflect the values, which were in the minds and hearts of who aspired for a free nation, Sri Lanka in the Indian ocean. Embodying those sprits, let us hold aloft the flame of freedom, in which peace, harmony non-violence, integrity, human dignity and compassion, shine in great prominence. These are eternal values, which sustain our nation, our society and also each one of us as individuals. Upholding these values and inculcating them in the younger generation will be the ideal path for genuine reconciliation and galvanize the union of the major cultures, so that our freedom ensures the ideals of political, social and economic justice. With faith in ourselves and faith in our capacity to work together, let us continue our journey.  In the process of gaining our rightful place, we must not feel guilty of wrongful deeds. We shall not satisfy our thirst of freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred,   as nations were not perfect but they were made perfect by honorable men and women. After all, one cannot separate peace and freedom, because no one can be at peace unless he has his freedom.

 R. Mathew
Past President